Minutes of Kingswood Triathlon Club Annual General Meeting held on Friday 1 November 2019 at 19:00 at Downend Cricket Club, Bristol

Present: Eric Downey, Maggie Bromley, Paul Clark, Claire Gregory, Jacqui Perriman, Sarah Hart, Philippa Crocker, Morgan Freeman, Emily Freeman, Pete Sheath, Mark Wyatt, Magdalena Cole, Lucy Gardner, Dannie Hayes, Jill McNally, Chris Barnes, Scott Stacey, Matt Iles, Nick Gay, Tom Whittingham, Ben O’Brien, Stuart New, Stephanie Moody, Simon Moody, Mark Watts

Apologies: Derrick Heffter, Jeremy Dale, Claire Graham, Greg Wentland, Ashley Dunn, Mick Payne, Katharine Downey, Ben Menear, Matt Pang, Adam Sheppard, Rebecca Shephard


Item Minutes




Introduction and welcome remarks from the Chairman

The Chairman welcomed everyone to the AGM and discussed the agenda items.


2 Attendees/Apologies

See above.


3 Review of minutes of the 2018 AGM held on 14 October

ED referred to the 2018 minutes published on the website and circulated by email. Asked if any issues with what was said last year. MB proposed that the minutes were approved and Philippa Crocker seconded this proposal. These were approved with 100% acceptance.

4 Chairman’s report

Thank you all for giving up your Friday evening to attend our AGM.

Before we dissolve the committee I’d like to say a few words of thanks:-

I would also like to recognise the club committee for their significant efforts this year, giving up their family time and training time to attend meetings and arrange a host of events and activities for all of our benefit.

Our Secretary, Kelly undertook her committee duties and also has found time to negotiate a number of race discounts, notably the Big T which was a great success. She even laid on the sunshine!

Our Treasurer, Steph has had a pretty busy year with a new baby, new job and also keeping up to date with all our club transactions (Track, BTF/EA/Website etc).

Our Membership Secretary, Maggie has worked tirelessly to ensure all members receive their membership pack as quickly as possible. Our membership has grown to its largest in my 19 years of being a committee member to 159.

Our Kit officers, Becky has ensured we all looked super smart in our Club race and social kit, the job got too much for her she had to leave the country   Chris Barnes has now taken over the role and has been able to keep up the good work using his graphic design expertise.

Our Communications Officers, Scott and Ben have been a great double act keeping our events calendar up to date and ensuring our weekly training sessions and club events are posted on FB. Matt has worked late into the night on a number of occasions getting our new website up together and looking amazing. They also led the Twitter and Instagram fairies. There has been a lot of pressure to reveal their identity but like Banksy we prefer to keep their identity anonymous.

Our Social Secretary, Jill has done a great job arranging our events including the BBQ, aided by Ben on the tongs. Jill is busy planning a Christmas bash which will be amazing and a great celebration to the year’s achievements.

Our Welfare Officer, Mark has helped with a number of issues including our Deaf awareness training.

Thanks to our Head Coach Adam how is stepping down due to family commitments. Watch this space we will have some news in the next month or 2. Thanks to James for swimming sessions, Jer track running and Neil for Wednesday run session for their help and guidance.

Also thanks to our run leaders who freely give up their time for the benefit of all.

And finally and perhaps most importantly you, the members, have had an incredible season with a massive range of events, from Sprint, Olympic, Middle and Full distance events. Well done to you if you represented GB this year or qualified to race for GB next year.

Some of you were not content just sticking to triathlon so you decided to do long swims, long bikes and long runs. Well done to all of you who achieved your ‘A’ race goals.

Please also spare a thought for those who were not able to achieve this due to time constraints. This will make you stronger and next year you will smash these events. You have all trained hard to make the racing easier.

Track Sponsorship for 2020

We are very fortunate that we have found a sponsor for the Wednesday track sessions for the 2020 season… local Kingswood boy done good ….Nick Gay who owns Global Smart Energy & Controls – lots of high profile clients.

ED invited Nick Gay to say a few words about his generous sponsorship. Nick said that he had taken a lot from sport over the years. He had just returned to the Kingswood area and wanted to give something back to the sport that he really enjoyed.

You have all made me very proud and it is a great honour to be your Chairman.

With your help, the committee will continue to work hard giving you the club you want.

Thank you for listening and have a great off season of base training to come back in 2020 with some amazing results.

5 Finance report

SM presented the accounts. She went through the main figures. The overheads covered the website, affiliation fees, trophies and run leaders courses. We had bought 2 major items this year – the bike box and the gazebo. The excess of expenditure over income was mainly due to buying the gazebo. JM proposed that the accounts be approved, MW seconded. The accounts were unanimously approved.


6 Election of Officers

All the committee members with the exception of Treasurer, Stephanie Moody were happy to stand for another year. All existing committee members stood down and a request for any other nominations was made.

Chairman – Eric Downey – proposed by MB and seconded by JM.   Eric Downey was duly elected.

Secretary – Kelly Smith – proposed by ED and seconded by BM.   Kelly Smith was duly elected.

Treasurer – We had two nominations for Treasurer, Pete Sheath and Mark Wyatt. Pete Sheath agreed to withdraw his nomination for this role and was willing to stand as Welfare Officer. Mark nominated by SS and seconded by CB. Mark Wyatt was duly elected.

Membership Secretary – Maggie Bromley – proposed by JM and seconded by ED. Maggie Bromley was duly elected.

Communications Officers – Scott Stacey and Ben Menear – Scott proposed by ED and seconded by JM and Ben proposed by KS and seconded by CB.   Scott Stacey and Ben Menear were duly elected.

Social Secretary – Jill McNally – proposed by KS and seconded by BM.   Jill McNally was duly elected.

Kit Officer – Chris Barnes – proposed by MB and seconded by JM.   Chris Barnes was duly elected.

Welfare Officer – Peter Sheath – proposed by MB and seconded by ED.   Pete Sheath was duly elected.

ED, on behalf of the club thanked Steph for her hard work and dedication to the club over the last couple of years and welcomed Pete Sheath to the role of Treasurer.

8 Awards/Club Member of the Year

Bake off champion: Anne-Marie Paddison

Shooting Star: Lucy Gardner

Female POTY 3: Sarah Hart, 2 Louise Madge and 1 Claire Gregory

Male POTY 3: Russell Silsbury-Basey, 2 Marc Thomas and 1 Paul Clarke

Club member of the year Neil Parker


Jeremy Tiley asked about training camps in 2020. ED explained that there had been insufficient interest from club members to run a camp just for KIT. Chris Davies ran a 3 week training camp in Majorca in March and members of VC attended one of the weeks. ED was attending from 14 – 21 March and he believed there were still spaces available.

JM mentioned that she wanted to plug the TT which KIT ran jointly with VC and Sodbury Cycling on a Tuesday evening from May. It was a really good way of improving your cycling and was not at all elitist.

The meeting ended at 7.50