Minutes of Kingswood Triathlon Club Annual General Meeting held via Zoon on Sunday 22 November 2020 at 20:00

Present: Eric Downey, Kelly Smith, Peter Sheath, Maggie Bromley, Ben Menear, James Eastwood, Claire Graham, Mike Parsons, Mick Payne, Tom Whittingham, Stuart New, Paul Griffiths, Greg Wentland, Kristian Curtis, Robert Holloway, Ry Difford, Phillipa Crocker, Leon Baker, Nicky Taylor, Mark Watts, Matt Langdon, Jeremy Tiley, Sarah Coney, Rafael Mendes, Neil Parker 

Apologies: Scott Stacey, Michael Kirley

Item Minutes
1 Introduction and welcome remarks from the Chairman

The Chairman welcomed everyone to the AGM and discussed the agenda items.

2 Attendees/Apologies

See above.

3 Review of minutes of the 2019 AGM held on 1 November 2019

ED referred to the 2019 minutes circulated by email.  Asked if any issues with what was said last year.  MB proposed that the minutes were approved and Kelly Smith seconded this proposal.  These were approved with 100% acceptance.

4 Chairman’s report

Chairman’s report November 2020 

Thank you for attending this years AGM. 

First of all massive congratulations to anyone who has a 2020 race medal, they will be few and far between. This year of training and racing has been unique with so many races cancelled, postponed then for some cancelled. 

2019/2020 highlights 

A pre pandemic event which should get a mention is the Patagonia Xtri which Ed Stevens attended. This is an ironman distance event which is done as an end -to end race, a real logistical challenge which Ed successfully completed. And he even got a selfie with our Tri hero …Tim Don. 


Also well done to Duncan White for doing GMU and Matt P for doing it unsupported. 

Special congratulations goes to Kev Rawlins for deciding two weeks before Ironman Tallinn to ‘give it a go’ in a global pandemic.  He may actually blame me for getting on the plane – I am sorry.  He completed it and this has made him even more determined to smash his next one in 2021. 

Just looking through the montage pictures from the last 12 months we have been able to fill this every week with hundreds of great pictures. 

A few highlights –  

Christmas fun run photo 

Super Hero Chloe Mason 

Super Hero Nick Gay – for our sponsorship for the running track  

Claire Gregory – Iron woman model 

Claire Graham – climbing over a fence 

Claire Graham, Kelly and Ben Rawlins in their GB kit 

Tom Whittington  John O’Groats to Lands End – having an injury and then going back to finish off the bit he missed  

Andy Parsons stealing all the bling from Blenheim Palace tri. 

Crashes – Jill, Kelly and Peter – all competing for the most sympathy 😊.  Hope you are all on the road to recovery. 

A great team tri at Lake 62 saw a significant number of club members racing, some in their first triathlon.    

Before we dissolve the committee I’d like to say a few words :- 

I would like to recognise the club committee for their dedicated efforts during this challenging time.  

Our Secretary, Kelly undertook her committee duties as well as being quizmaster host for our Lockdown Quizzes  

Our Treasurer, Mark has done a fantastic job keeping our bank balance growing and all in order. In our history we have never so financially stable. 

Our Membership Secretary, Maggie has worked tirelessly to ensure all members receive their membership pack as quickly as possible.  

Chris Barnes has done a great job as KIT officer and using his graphic design expertise allows you to visualize the kit before you buy it.  

Our Communications Officers, Scott and Ben have been a great double, act keeping our events calendar up to date and ensuring our weekly training sessions and club events are posted on FB as far as they could. Lets hope they are a bit busier next year.  

Our Welfare and Covid Officer, Pete has helped ensure our sessions are compliant with government guidelines.   


Thanks also to the Twitter and Instagram fairies.  

Thanks to James for his swimming sessions, I know not many this year, but hopefully he and we will be back in the pool soon. 

Thanks to Neil for leading the Wednesday night runs and the Turbo Tuesdays. He spends a great deal of time planning and delivering these with great enthusiasm and he has helped lots of us to stay  focused for these sessions.  Not sure why but it seems to always rains on Wednesday nights. 

Thanks also to ANT swimming for their support with all our swimming both in the pool and especially in Open Water at Mad Mikes and Cromhall. 

The committee has agreed to give a membership gift of a transition towel as you have all been very good boys and girls. We hope to have them by March/April in prep for the 2021 race season. Lets dream.  

As you may have seen on our FB post, the committee have also agreed to waive the 2021 membership fee for existing members and subsidised rates for new /lapsed members to £5.00 individual and £7.50 for family membership. 

You have all made me very proud and it is a great honour to be your Chairman.  

With your help, the committee will continue to work hard giving you the club you want.   

Thank you for listening and we all hope this virus gets sorted and we can start some racing again in 2021.

During this ED also shared pictures from the weekly montage posts and highlighted members’ achievements over the year especially KIT heroes Chloe Mason and Nick Gay along with Tom Whittingham’s charity ride.

5 Finance report

MW presented the accounts. He went through the main figures. The overheads covered the website, affiliation fees, club kit and last year’s Christmas party.  Our balance was standing at a very healthy figure of £9019 after we had paid for the transition mats and bobble hats. MW proposed that the accounts be approved, KS seconded. The accounts were unanimously approved.


6 Election of Officers

All the committee members were happy except Jill McNally to stand for another year.    In view of the current situation with Covid 19 it is proposed to leave the position of Social Secretary vacant.  All existing committee members stood down and a request for any other nominations was made.

Chairman – Eric Downey – proposed by MB and seconded by KS.  Eric Downey was duly elected.

Secretary – Kelly Smith – proposed by MB and seconded by MW.  Kelly Smith was duly elected.

Welfare Officer – Peter Sheath – proposed by MB and seconded by KS.  Peter Sheath was duly elected.

Membership Secretary – Maggie Bromley – proposed by ED and seconded by KS.  Maggie Bromley was duly elected.

Treasurer – Mark Wyatt – proposed by MB and seconded by KS.  Mark Wyatt was duly elected.

Communications Officers – Scott Stacey and Ben Menear – Scott proposed by MB and seconded by KS and Ben proposed by MB and seconded by KS.  Scott Stacey and Ben Menear were duly elected.

Kit Officer – Chris Barnes – proposed by MB and seconded by KS.  Chris Barnes was duly elected.

ED, on behalf of the club thanked Jill for her hard work and dedication to the club over the last couple of years.

Social Secretary – vacant role

7 Membership 2021

ED and MB reiterated that (as members have already been made aware) their membership has been rolled over to 2021 free of charge.  Costs for new individual members is £5 and for a family will be £7.50.  Proposed by MB and seconded by KS.



Phillipa Crocker is happy to organise this for the club members.  She will make sure a Covid risk assessment is done and that she will discuss with Pete in his capacity as Welfare Officer.

Trip to Isle of Wight

ED mentioned that Scott Stacey had suggested this earlier in the year and this is still on the radar but just for 2021 and would be a weekend away.  Details will follow.

Nottingham Relay

Robert Holloway asked if anyone would travel to Nottingham to take part in a relay there (event was usually in July).  ED suggested that Robert puts a post on the Facebook page about this giving some information.  

British Triathlon Insurance

PS recommended (from personal experience!) that members should remind themselves of the benefit of using the British Triathlon insurance.  KIT members are entitled to a £10 membership which is taken off when signing up.

Quick catch up and comments from all attendees and the meeting ended at 21:00