Proudest Triathlon achievement to date: Ironman Wales 2019 – tough course!
Favourite piece of Tri equipment: My TT Bike
Least favourite discipline: Swim
Favourite discipline: Bike – much more social!
Swim – Open water or Pool? Open Water
Run – Off road or On road? On Road
Bike – Fast & Flat or Up & Down? Fast & Flat

My journey into triathlon started in 2015 when I supported a friend at Ironman UK. I was someone who enjoyed fitness and was an avid runner at that time.  After the event I knew completing an Ironman is exactly what I wanted to do. I was completely and utterly inspired. At that point I couldn’t swim so I had to learn! Alongside this I also had to learn how to ride a road bike effectively and how to use clipless pedals. That was a learning curve too and I encountered a fair few falls and even a trip to A&E! Over the next 12 months I entered many different events; starting with a sprint tri then increasing the distance of the triathlon each time culminating in a 70.3. Once I had completed that event I was well and truly ready and entered Ironman Austria 2018. Since then I have done two more Ironman along with countless other triathlons, duathlons, time trial races and a few marathons for good measure!!! I also represented GB in my age group in 2022.

I love being a part of Kingswood Tri, it’s a really friendly club and it’s great to train with people who are now good friends of mine.