Proudest Triathlon achievement to date: Winning gold in European Duathlon Championships
Favourite piece of Tri equipment: My Bike
Least favourite discipline: Swim
Favourite discipline: Bike
Swim – Open water or Pool? Pool
Run – Off road or On road? On Road
Bike – Fast & Flat or Up & Down? Up & Down

I started multisport in about 2004 after my husband bought me a road bike. I started with Duathlon. After I turned 50 I decided it was time to learn to swim front crawl and with lots of encouragement from triathlete friends I got to the stage where I could manage 400 metres for a sprint tri. With lots more practice I managed to get as far as the 1,900m required for middle distance and decided that was far enough. I have loved being part of the GB age group team on various occasions but most of all love training with friends in the club.