Proudest Triathlon achievement to date: 2022 was an amazing year, completing Long Course Weekend Tenby, IM Copenhagen & IM Kona – Surreal
Favourite piece of Tri equipment: My Race shoes, they feel fast even if I’m running slow…
Least favourite discipline: I don’t have a least favourite, genuinely enjoy them all.
Favourite discipline: Oooh I like racking the bike in T2, its only a run now!
Swim – Open water or Pool? Open Water when the sun out
Run – Off road or On road? Road all day long
Bike – Fast & Flat or Up & Down? I quite like it mixed, enjoy a hill but like the fast flat stuff too.

I got into triathlon in the hot summer of 2018 when I discovered Mad Mikes lake and found myself heading over there pretty much every evening for a swim.  It wasn’t long before I got my first road bike and hit the cycle track (!)… Turning up for my first club ride in football shorts and a rucksack sums up my level of experience, but I’ve worked extremely hard in all areas to build strength and stamina for the long events.  I love a race, but I also love the training – Particularly the journey to Ironman, pushing past your own pre-conceived limits, making friends along the way, all the ups and downs, it makes the finish line that much more special.  I believe that with the right commitment and effort pretty much anything is achievable – I try to enjoy the process and have lots of fun along the way.   My absolute favourite is the coffee & cake stop on long rides, its pretty much why I cycle.. 😊