As alarm clocks rang at ungodly hours on bank holiday Monday morning, there were more than just one quizzical thought. But this was the first KiT club targeted event of the season and if it’s anything to go on, they’ll be plenty more.

By now you will have already have seen the assorted photos from the big event, or witnessed Kelly being thanked as organiser for the umpteenth time, but what’s the story behind the legend, I hear you ask?

The Big T triathlon in Trowbridge has 2 Tri distances; a sprint distance and an Enduro. The first is a 400m pool swim, a 24 k bike and a 5K run. The Enduro is a 600m swim, 40k bike and a 10K run.

There were gripes at last year’s event as 3 KiT members made wrong turnings whilst racing. The event was much improved this year as 2 of those members didn’t compete…the other almost made up for it by twice taking the wrong exit from transition. No gripes though, this was KiT’s day.

All KiT members set off at the same time. The sprint swimmers had only 1 aim – to beat Eric the Eel out of the pool. It was close. Credit to Ben O’Brien too for achieving this with breast stroke!

There were KiT race-offs in both the Sprint and the Enduro races…the qualification hopefuls Gary Stretton and Jake Hallett in the Sprint, and the Daddy (ok, Granddaddy) of all battles between Eric “the eel” Downey and Neil “the man cave” Parker in the Enduro. We’ll come back to the more-seasoned gentlemen and concentrate on the Sprint first.

Gary can thank his year-off for 2 things; not fitting in his Tri-suit, and having the power and fuel to bring home the 6th place position, 2 places above Jake. Out of a field of 140, this is even more impressive.

Full KiT sprint results are here…special mention to Simon Attwood in 28th place, bringing some old school KiT to the table. Also well done to Jack Bradley for his first ever Tri, and to Ben for his second. Kudos!

Whilst everyone was trying to be polite and not stare at Ben (either one) with his top off, others were still competing in the hot weather. The Enduro! So-called because it’s um …longer.

Eric and Neil took trash talk and bravado to a new level before the event, but as Eric monstered his way to the win (10th overall, 93), there was admirable and grudging respect between the two. Cute!

Notable results for Kelly Smith who continues her strong Ironman prep with a 7th place female finish. Also to Scott “race face” Stacey and Chris Barnes for completing their first standard distances on their way to Barcelona IM.

Full KiT results for the Enduro below:

Full results at this link

The picnic was free-flowing at the end, and there was plenty of sun-stroke to appreciate for race afters. Till next year Trowbridge. You were great, and so were we!

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